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Korean Band(Part2)

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okey this Part is for 2PM


.Other Name: Jimseung Idol (Beast Idol), Zombie Idol, PM
.Debut Date: September 4, 2008
.Debut Song: 10 Points out of 10 Points (10점 만점에 10점)
.Members: 6 (used to be 7 before Jaebum permanent withdrawal from 2PM)
.Official Fanclub: Hottest
.Official Fanclub Motto: 7 Letters (in “Hottest” word) to Represent Each Different, Unique Member
.Official Color : Black/Metallic Gray with “2PM” Engraved on It
.Genre: Dance
.Speciality: Acrobatic Performance
2PM is a branch of oneday (an 11-membered group) from JYP Entertainment. oneday is formed from a reality show M.Net Hot Blood Documenter (for more about Hot Blood member and the documentary, see “about Hot Blood”). Consist of 7 members, Jaebum as (ex) leader, JunsuNichkhunTaecyeon,Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung. They sing in dance genre, and make a different performance from other idol by adding acrobatic moves to their dance. Debut at September 4, 2008 with song 10 Points out of 10 Points (10점 만점에 10점). They have several other hit single like Only YouAgain&Again,I Hate You (니가 밉다)Heartbeat and Tired of Waiting (기다리다 지친다). They have been topped in a music show’s chart with single Again&Again, I Hate You (니가 밉다) and Heartbeat. 2PM was also releasing several other single featured on other artists’ song or for CF and OST. After Jaebum quit from 2PM and left Korea on September 2009, 2PM continue their activity without their leader. He has to leave 2PM due to his myspace controvercy for making a comment in 2005, that insulting Korea. As for the group (from September 2009 when Jaebum left until February 2010), no one replacing the leader spot on 2PM. It’s left empty because there’s still a chance that he will coming back as 2PM’s member and leader. But as annouced at 25th February 2010, Jaebum is stated that he’s permanently quit from 2PM because some “personal mistakes” (that can’t be revealed) occured during Again&Again promotion, and currently there’s no new leader appointed in 2PM nor a plan that a new member will be added into 2PM (read more about this controvercy at Jaebum’s profile). On April 22nd, 2010, 2PM is back active again to promote the song Without Uand Don’t Stop Can’t Stop.
.Albums (click to buy the album from Yesasia):
2. Only You Winter special – 1st Digital single
4. 2PM Thailand Edition – Only sold in Thailand (not in other country or in online store)
.Music videos (click to watch the MV from Youtube):
1. 10 Points out of 10 Points MV | original MV b-side dance version |
3. Again & Again MV | original MV | dance version |
.Other songs (click to play the song from Youtube):
1. My Color – for Samsung Corby CF
2. Tik Tok – 2PM ft. Yoon Eunhye for Cass Beer CF
3. Cake Song – for Paris Baguette CF | original CF version SwissBros remix version |
5. My Ear’s Candy (내 귀에 캔디) – Baek Jiyoung ft. Taecyeon
7. Tired of Waiting – for 전우치 OST
9. Crazy4s – for SPRIS endorsement
10. Open Happiness – for Coca-Cola CF
11. Follow Your Soul – for OPPO Mobile CF
.Other music videos (click to watch the MV from Youtube):
2. Tik Tok Music Drama+MV | part01 part02 |
.Other works:
1. MBC Every1 Idol Army (아이돌군단의 떴다! 그녀) Season 3 Hosts
2. M.Net Wild Bunny, 2PM’s Reality Show Hosts
3. Style Drama Cameo (2PM)
4. SBS Inkigayo MC (Taecyeon and Wooyoung)
5. SBS Introducing Star Friends Regular Cast (Jaebum and Chansung)
6. SBS Star King Regular Guest (Nichkhun and Wooyoung)
7. Family Outing Season 2 Cast (Taecyeon)
8. Baskin Robbin’s Ice Cream CF (Taecyeon, before debuting as 2PM)
9. Thailands Government Tourist Campaign “I Love Thailand”
10. Tourism Authority of Thailand “Come to Thailand : Let’s Take a Break!” Campaign (Nichkhun)
11. Andre Kim Fashion Show (Nichkhun)
12. Ya Shim Man Man assistant host (Nichkhun, started before debuting as 2PM)
13. Thailand CFs (Nichkhun, before debuting as 2PM)
14. Milky Dutch CF (Nichkhun, featured as Rain’s dancer, before debuting as 2PM)
15. Bodyshop “Soft Hands, Kind Heart” Campaign
16. Thailand’s Hanami Prawn Cracker CF
17. Cass Beer CF (2PM minus Junho and Chansung because they still underage)
18. Market O’s Real Brownie CF
19. Samsung Anycall Corby CF
20. Paris-Croissant Food Company’s Paris Baguette CF
21. Coca-cola CF
22. SPRIS (PONY) Clothing Company Endorsement
23. Thailand’s Suzuki Jelato CF (Nichkhun)
24. Shining Diploma Movie (Nichkhun, canceled)
25. Unstoppable High Kick Sitcom Season I (Chansung, before debuting as 2PM)
26. Unstoppable High Kick Sitcom Cameo (Nichkhun and Taecyeon, before debuting as 2PM)
27. MBC Nodaji Cast (Jaebum, then being replaced by Jokwon)
28. You’re Beautiful Parody Music Drama for SBS Song Festival 2009
29. M.Net Hot Blood Documentary
30. “KISS ME” events, plus selling 2PM’s mugs, cellphone casing and polaroids hosted by 10×10
31. KBS Win Win Talk Show assistant MC (Wooyoung)
32. KBS Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2 Regular Member (Junho)
33. Cinderella’s Sister Drama (Taecyeon)
1. 2009 20’s Choice Awards: HOT Performance Star
2. 2009 20’s Choice Awards: HOT Summer Heat Popularity Award
3. 2009 M.Net Asian Music Awards Best Male Group
4. 2009 M.Net Asian Music Awards Artist of the Year
5. 2009 Golden Disk Award Disk Bonsang Award
6. 2009 KBS Gayo Daejun Song of the Year (Again&Again)
7. 2010 19th Seoul Music Awards Popularity Award
8. 2010 19th Seoul Music Awards Bonsang Award
.Pages (click to open the pages):
(Because there’re many possibilities that the accounts/pages are fake, I’m just listing the officially confirmed page – has been used by the real 2AM/2PM members – especially for Twitter/Cyworld/other that kind of accounts. I haven’t found the link of 2AM/2PM member’s Cyworld. Since I’m not living in Korea, it’s been kinda hard to look for Korean webpage, sorry..)


2. short-dorky leadja : 2PM Jaebum (재범)(Ex Leader/Ex 2PM)
Full Name: Park Jaebeom (박재범)
Nickname: Jay, J-bum, Jay-bum, Jaebi (Sparrow), Leadja, Jaebummie, Bum, Bummie, Fresh Beezy, Sexy Leader
English Name: Jay Park
Place/Date of Birth: Seattle, US/April 25, 1987
Position: Leader, vocalist, rapper
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: A
Last Education: Dankook University
Language : English, Korean
Hobbies: Basketball, listening to music, dancing, singing, weird gags, matching colors of clothing
Speciality : Dance, rap, gags, acrobatic dance, b-boy
Siblings: Older and younger brother
The leader of 2PM! He’s funny, he’s dorky, but he is a very responsible and reliable person. Everyone, includes oneday’s member and all of I AM and HOTTEST, admit that he is a great leader to the team. Jaebum has a big interest to dancing (especially b-boy) and singing, that’s why he become a trainee in JYPE. Known for his hardwork, Jaebum always put all of his effort to make his works perfect. He is being trained for 4 years in JYPE for being a great leader, singer, rapper and dancer. Jaebum is auditioned into JYPE in US. This all because he doesn’t want to attend university so his mother told him to do what he want. Since his biggest interest is in dancing, he applied to JYPE’s audition and Park Jinyoung himself watched Jaebum’s autdition and wanted to bring Jaebum to Korea to being a trainee. During his training time, Jaebum is known as a rebelling but hardworking person. He sing duet with Wondergirls’ Yeeun in the single titled “Jeong” (正) for the Han Sung Byul Gok OST.
He’s the shortest, but he got the most perfect body on his team. He loves to work out, that’s why he got a perfect body. Well.. Even though he got a nice body, his body is the TINIEST in the team. Even when they measure Jaebeom’s leg and compare it to Chansung’s, Chansung has a 3 times bigger leg than Jaebum! The oldest, the shortest and the tiniest, what else?
Jaebum came from Seattle, US, he’s born and grow up on US, that’s why he’s really fluent in speaking English. But his Korean is still really poor (Khun whose not a Korean is known for better in speaking Korean than Jaebum). His nationality is American. During MBC Every1 Idol Army Season 3 (which 2PM become the MC), we can notice 2 things from him. First, he always say “eummo yah!!” Which is means “this is a conspiracy!”. And second, he said that he never watch porn, that’s why in the end of season Boom give him MANY porn DVD. And then, we can also see that Jaebum is really like to wear a matching outfit. He was a regular cast on MBC Nodaji, but after his leaving, he’s being replaced by Jokwon. Jaebum’s ideal girl is someone like Jessica Alba. He eats anything except live octopus and boshingttang (dog stew).
Due to his myspace controvercy, Jaebum is declared himself that he is quitted from 2PM and go back to Seattle, US at September 8 2009 (just 4 days after 2PM’s 1st anniversary), to continue his life and study music more. He refuse all kind of publicity and close himself from the press. While at it, the support is flowing from around the world shows that Jaebum should back to 2PM and that’s Jaebum’s action is completely understable even though it’s wrong and he has been forgiven by the Koreans. Currently, 2PM’s leader’s spot is still empty with the hope that he will coming back to 2PM in 2PM next album at April 2010.
The income that 2PM got from 1:59PM album promotion and sales is divided into 7, includes Jaebum even though he didn’t join 2PM for promoting the album. It’s one kind of careness that can be given by 2PM members to their leader. And also, because in several song on 1:59PM song has Jaebum’s voice in it, they decided not to erase his voice and keep it there to maintain Jaebum’s spot in 2PM. The Zombie Dance from “Heartbeat” song is originally made for 7-membered 2PM including Jaebum.
But as annouced at 25th February 2010 in (JYPE’s official site), Jaebum is stated that he’s permanently quit from 2PM because some “personal mistakes” (that can’t be revealed) occured during Again & Again promotion, and currently there’s no leader appointed in 2PM nor a plan that a new member will be added into 2PM. A conference held on 27th February 2010 to discuss this matter with fans, but there’s still no clear answer given by JYPE what is the “personal mistakes” that made Jaebum quit permanently. As it said, Jaebum orginally planned being return to 2PM on 2PM upcoming album at April 2010, and he will back to Korea at February. And it said that JYPE has given him dance and vocal training in US for the preparation on his comeback. But eventually, on 22nd December 2009 Jaebum is said to be confessing to one of JYPE representative that he has done a “personal mistakes” that is worse and more serious than the previous one. JYPE representative said that the other 6 members of 2PM were not directly being told about Jaebum’s confession because they were still promoting 01:59PM album, had many end year’s show and also they still overwhelmed with the news that Jaebum will comeback. On 3rd January 2010, the 6 members are told about this matter and said to be discussing this matter with JYP and JYPE staffs. After that discussion, because of this “personal mistakes”, Jaebum considered to be impossible to comeback as 2PM’s member. And his contract with JYPE will be terminated without any fees, and also (even though it haven’t being confirmed) all of the earnings that Jaebum got from 1st album, 2nd album and 1st full-album and the CFs and works contracted until December 2009 will still given to him as the whole contract is signed as “2PM with 7 members”.
Many reactions and rumours spreading after this announcement. The Hottest (2PM’s fanclub) is eventually dividing into 2, the one who demanding Jaebum’s back but still supporting the other 6 members and the one who demanding Jaebum’s back and said that the other 6 members has betrayed their leader. Many rumours such as JYP did this because Jaebum isn’t needed anymore, or because Jaebum comments about JYP’s “slave contract” back 2005, or that the 6 members has betrayed Jaebum because in fact, even though Jaebum is gone, 2PM’s fame is still rocketed, and etc. As the rumour said, Nichkhun is the only member that trying to pushed back the withdrawal of Jaebum while the other members were hating Jaebum after knowing what Jaebum did and easily made decision that Jaebum is impossible to return to the group. There’s still no a really clear information regarding this issue, so the rumours still can’t be confirmed whether it’s true or not.
Taecyeon and Wooyoung were the one to be attacked severely by the netizens after this controvercy. Taecyeon is said to be “losing his rookie mindset” as his fame is rocketed since the promotion of Heartbeat song is started. The netizen think that Taecyeon’s fame is the effect of Jaebum’s withdrawn. If Jaebum’s back, Taecyeon wouldn’t be as pleased because his popularity might fall down. While Wooyoung is demanded to:
“Stop pretending and quit from MC-ing in Inkigayo and Seung Seung Jang Gu (Win Win) because you have turn your back from you leader and family member, Park Jaebum.”
The netizen also attacking the other members (which is caused 2PM members had to closed down his Cyworld’s minihompy or Taecyeon and Wooyoung even deleted it), even destroying 2PM cds, put white chrysanthemum (as a sign of death of 2PM, because white chrysanthemum is the symbol of death) in front of JYPE office and making bad of the product that they were endorsed. They even said that JYPE didn’t want Jaebum’s back because if he does comeback, it’ll be a bad affect for 2AM as 2AM is currently active and still promoting their new single. Again, there’s still no a really clear information regarding of this issue, so the rumours still can’t be confirmed whether it’s true or not.
As the controvercy still going on, almost 30 of 2PM fansites and fanforums closed down, wether is supporting the whole 2PM, or a single (Junsu fansites, Wooyoung fansites, Junho fansites, etc.) or several member of 2PM (Nichkun-Wooyoung fansites, Jaebum-Wooyoung-Junho fansites, etc.) The last message left by the admins of those fansites and fanforums averagely stated that have lost their love and respect of 2PM members who abandoning Jaebum. Meanwhile, 2PM fancafe has lost 14% of it’s members. Furthermore, the fans that has turns out to be anti-fans even leaked some appropriate photos of the members to show how they’re hold a deep dissapointment towards the member. Some of the photos are:
  1. The underaged Chansung (at 16 years old) drinking alcohol, even though it’s still unclear in with whom, what occasion and why he was drinking.
  2. Seulong and Wooyoung, especially Wooyoung who known as a shy boy in front of girls is taking pictures with so many girls.
  3. Junsu photo with Waii, whose before said that she was Junsu’s girlfriend but Junsu and JYPE denied it, although the boy’s face in the picture is half-covered with his hands, so it can’t be confirmed it was the real Junsu or just the boy who has similar looks. Some rumour said that it was Nichkhun, not Junsu.
But on March 16th, 2010, Jaebum (who use “Jay” name now) is uploading a self-made video in his youtube channel (youtube username : jayparkaom) singing “Nothing on You”. The video and channel is being viewed for thousand times just several hours after being uploaded. This is what Jaebum wrote in his youtube channel :
일단팬여려분한테너무감사하다고말하고싶습니다. 우리가족, 친구, 크루 한테너무 잘해주시고 좋은일들많이하셔서너무감사합니다.
노래랑랩하는거보고싶을까봐 만들었습니다 youtube account 를. 그리고 다같이 웃고 같이 열심히하고 화이팅합시다. 안좋은말씀들은안해도됩니다 ^ㅠ^.
Wassup everyone i’d like to thank all the fans that have been so nice to me, my family, my crew, thank you so much for all your love and support , created this youtube account so i can post up videos of just covers and whatever and you guys could watch so yeah check it out. Also i try to make every negative situation into a postive situation. saying or doing negative things arnt the right way to go in my opinion so less all just love and respect each other =) God Bless
Jay park
And then he updated with :
2pm 욕은안했으면좋겠어요 애들착하고 좋은애들이예요 오해안하셨으면좋겠습니다. ^ ㅠ ^
2pm fighting!
i dont want you guys to hate on 2pm on behalf of me cause i still love those guys and likewise. they’re still my homies. if you dont want to support them thats cool you know but i just want everyone to get along and move on and all do great things know what i’m sayin? =)
From this message, it’s stated clearly that Jaebum is still supporting 2PM, his brother. And it seems like the message is really genuine, without any force or anything. But it’s still unknown how is the hottest or coldest reaction to this statement.


4. heaven’s-like voice : 2PM Junsu (준수)
Full Name: Kim Junsu (김준수)
Nickname: Smelly Junsu, Panda, Old Jun, Jun.K, Voice of Heaven, Kim Bopeep
Place/Date of Birth: Daegu, South Korea/January 15, 1988
Position: Lead Vocalist
Height: 180cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Last Education: Dongah School for Arts
Language : Korean, English
Hobbies: Composing, fashion, collecting accessories and shoes
Speciality : Singing, writing, composing music, great fashion style
Sibiling: Unknown
The lead vocal of 2PM! Not much can we say except that HIS VOICE IS SO AWESOME!! Picked as the best singer to sing R&B song from online’s voting, there’s no doubt that Junsu is the best singer on the rest of his team. He’s come from Daegu, so when he talks to his parents, he use his original accent (saturi) to speak, and sometimes that thing made the other members annoyed (because Daegu and Busan are some of place that using accent which hard to understand even for people who fluent in Korean). Junsu is really like to make his own song. He writes the lyric and make his own music. But unfortunately, his dongsaeng said that he lacks of dancing practice. Junho said:
“Junsu hyung’s voice is amazing, but I really think that he really needs to practice his dance move more dilligently.”
Even the choreographer of 2AM and 2PM himself (Park Namyong) said that Junsu is the member that didn’t practice that much. But now, he practice so hard to do his dance. Anyway, first time saw him, we’d think that he is a quiet person. But after know him.. HE IS NOT MUCH DIFFERENT THAT THE OTHER MEMBER, HE’S WEIRD, just like other members. In the dorms, other members hate to sleep with Junsu, they said that Junsu smells. On one TV show, they ever measure the level of 2PM’s foot smell, and the result is.. JUNSU GOT THE 2ND HIGHEST SCORE. The 1st is Taecyeon. Junsu and Junho is the Jun Brothers, Junsu is the older Jun. Junsu is auditioned to both JYPE and YGE. He accepted in both, but he choose JYPE as his final choice. When being auditioned to YGE, Junsu is become a close friend to BigBang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang.
Back on his hometown, Daegu, Junsu is a Singing Contest King. He always get 1st or 2nd place when it comes to singing contest. At first, his father didn’t agree that he is pursuing his dream to become a singer, only his mother supports him. But after he got a stereo set for winning 1st place on one singing contest, he said his father immidiately agreed for him to become a singer. A unique way to seduce your father, right?


5. good-looking ThaiPrince : 2PM Nichkhun (닉쿤)
Full Name: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (นิชคุณ หรเวชกุล)
Nickname: Khun, Khunnie, Thailand Prince, Wink Vending Machine, Khunnie-boy, Khunnie-boo, Khunnie-Ttaeng, Puppy, Dongsaeng Babo
Place/Date of Birth: New Jersey, US/June 24, 1988
Position: Vocalist
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Last Education: Los Osos High (currently doesn’t attending any school in Korea)
Language : English, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese
Hobbies: Playing piano, excercising, listening to music, watching movies, taking pictures
Speciality : English, Thai, playing piano
Sibiling: Older brother (Nichan Buck Horvejkul) and 2 younger sister
Handsome, kind, and talented, when first time we see him, we will automatically think : THIS IS THE FACE OF ANGEL. Known for his charms and wink, everyone always ask him to show his wink everytime he become a guest on a TV show. But well, even a kind Khun ever said:
Nichkhun is has Thailand nationality, although he is born in Newark, New Jersey. He has Thailand descent from his father and Chinese descent from his mother. He spent his childhood in both California and Thailand and then study abroad in New Zealand then back again to Los Osos High, California. Now he can speak 5 language, English, Korean, Thailand, Chinese and Japanese (but just fluent in English, Korean and Thai). He’s not a Korean, but his Korean language is better than Jaebum (who has a Korean descent that automatically made him a Korean even though he has American nationality). JYPE agent in Hollywood, California scouted him when he was attending a Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles. One thing of him, the other members always say this about him:
“He has a small head, that’s why he had a small face and his brain is also small. Means he’s not very smart. Besides, he never get any hat that fit in his head because his head is just too small.”
As a Thailand citizen, Nichkhun had a duty to serve in army in Thailand, just like Koreans do. There’s nothing detailed explanation about what or how, but now Nichkhun has exempted from his duty to serve in army (Nichkhun was enlisted in army during the break from 2PM’s 1st and 2nd single album). This a little explanation about the day Nichkhun was enlisted:
Wood: “Tell me about your enlisting day.”
Khun: “That day was full. They were like ‘There’s a celebrity here named Nichkhun, and he’ll be the first to pick the card.’ I was in the line, and I was like ‘Why do I have to be the first to pick?’ Then they put the card in the box and shake it. I draw one card, give it to them. They open it, I got red card. Then the fans there, they were clapping. I was confused, ‘Why they are clapping?’ It turns out that I got red card.”
Wood: “Do you think your fans is getting excited because you were enlisted or because you’re taking your shirt off. Maybe they were like ‘Oh my God! Nichkhun is taking off his shirt!’ It seems like people getting more excited about you taking your shirt off.”
Khun: “It was embarassing, taking off my shirt for the army enlisting with 200 camera were shooting on you is really embarassing! Not that go to enlist in army is embarassing, I’m a Thai male, it’s a rule, I have to do it, I have no shame for it. But normally, when you go to the army, there’s no camera shooting on you, right? But this, with so many cameras shooting me, I really confused about how to act and what should I do to look good in camera without shirt. And then I decided to sit straight and stretch a little. I sit down like that for about 2 hours.”
(I have no clear information about how getting a red card is exempt you from serving in army duty, but that was what happened to Nichkhun. He got a red card and fully exempted from army duty, and now get back to work in South Korea.)
It is said that Nichkhun has become the “image” for 2PM because of his handsome face and charming image. Jaebum said:
“Without Khunnie, we just recognize as ‘Ah, that’s 2PM.’ but with Khunnie, people reaction is ‘It’s 2PM! There’s Nichkhun!”
So, even though every member always talking bad about him, but they’re actually really care about Nichkhun. Nichkhun plays piano, he will play piano when himself or the other member is singing. He said:
“I can play piano even though my playing isn’t that good. I learn playing piano because my father forced me to, not because I want to. But I think now I really like it.”
Beside the fact that he has a cute face, his body is same with all the other member, he has a muscular body, quite un-match with his face, huh? He said that he used to be a badminton player, that’s why he has musuclar body, but well.. He never won any championship though. Nichkhun also had a really fierce personality, despite his really cute and soft looks.
Nichkhun had a funny experience in the 1st time he met Andre Kim, just like Seulong:
AK : “ireum mwo-e yo?” (what’s your name?)
NK : “choneun Miguk saram imnida, NIK-KUN imnida.” (I’m an American, my name is NIK-KUN)
AK : “ah, Lee Hoon-sshi?” (oh, mr. Lee Hoon?)
Well.. He’s not lucky enough to make Andre Kim heard his name right, NIK-KUN to LEE HOON?!
Nichkhun ever said that the most important thing in his love is samgyupsal (grilled pork belly), he really loves that dish. He had several scandal, includes the scandal with Wondergirls Sohee when they dance tango together for M.Net Korean Music Festival (MKMF) 2008. He also ever said to be gay just because his close relationship with Wooyoung (and created Khunyoung Couple). His favorite dongsaeng is Wooyoung.
Nichkhun’s has 2 sisters and one brother. His brother which is older than him is slowly starting his career as actor in the end of 2009. His brother, Nichan Buck Horvejkul, is casted as the actor on several Thailand’s singer music video. His brother has a nice cute image just like him and make netizen said that the Horvejkul clan is really a good genetic coming from father to his son creating a really handsome boys from the family. Currently, just like his brother, Nichkhun also try to acting in a comedic movie titled Shining Diploma that will released in 2010, but the role is being canceled due to the contract termination from JYPE’s side to the movie’s contract. The reason is that the filming of the movie is being pushed back continously, and the JYPE representative said that it’s impossible for Nichkhun to act in a movie while he has a really packed schedule with 2PM.
Recently, Nichkhun is casted as the lead role on Tik Tok Music Drama for Cass Beer CF as a popular singer that has a girl stalked him. Along with Taecyeon and Yoon Eunhye as the other lead role, Nichkhun is proving that he can act.
Park Jinyoung said that Nichkhun is the member that really surpass his expectation. JYP said:
“Nichkhun is a trainee that really beyond my expectation. He originally wasn’t trained as a singer, but he can show that he capable to work hard and become a great singer.”
Nichkhun is a good drinker. He always said that he is a bad drinker, but he can drink several big bottle of beer. A bad drinker, huh? He also a really overprotective brother to his sisters. He always says that he would never allows any 2PM members to date with his sisters especially Taecyeon. If he had to choose one (he chose unwillingly), he will pick Wooyoung because he said that Wooyoung is very naive and cute and also funny. From his too much love for his sisters, Nichkhun earns a nickname Dongsaeng Babo, which implies that he’ll do whatever his sister said to him. But he said that he didn’t like this nickname. He said:
“I hate the words ‘Babo’ (stupid). What? I’m not Babo..”


6. giant-teeth beast : 2PM Taecyeon (택연)
Full Name: Ok Taecyeon (옥택연)
Nickname: OkCat, Ok Daeri-nim (Manager Ok), OkTaecBar, Jimseung (Beast), Giant Teeth, Cheesy Taecyeon
Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea/December 27, 1988
Position: Main rapper, vocalist
Height: 185cm
Weight: 76kg
Blood Type: AB
Last Education: Dankook University
Language : Korean, English
Hobbies: Music appreciation, wakeboarding, skiing
Speciality : English, cooking, beastly appearance, rap, beatbox, making music from teeth and throat
Sibiling: Unknown
Mr. Ok is in da house! Tall, handsome, good body, no wonder why so many girls are becoming crazy when he appear. Known for his overreacted action about something, this tall beast is the icon of 2PM that has “beastly” image. Taecyeon come from Boston, Massachussets, US, he also auditioned from US, just like Jaebum and Nichkhun. His nationality is still remain unknown, maybe Korean, maybe American, but his family is still live in Boston. Actually Taecyeon is born in Seoul, Korea, but he migrated to Bedford, Massachussets for almost 7 years. Even though he lived in Korea for just about 3 years (starting from moved to Korea to become a trainee in JYPE), his Korean is so great that he became Jaebum and Nichkhun’s “personal portable Korean dictionary”. Jaebum said:
“My Korean is still poor, I always ask Taec when I don’t understand the meaning of a word. Then he’ll explain to me using English.”
Nichkhun said:
“I’m not a Korean, so my Korean language is still not so good. But I have Taec, I can ask everything to him. He’s just like my portable Korean dictionary.”
Taec and Jaebum is going to the same university, and we can’t believe how CLEVER this boy is. This is proven that he said during his school days back in US, he spent the most of his time just studying and do nothing else. Just like a nerd type. That’s why is family and friends really shocked that he want to go audition in JYPE and go to Korea so he can become a model (he originally casted as a model and actor instead of singer in JYPE in New York City). But he can prove that he success in achieving his dream. Taecyeon was also joining a program called Star Survival together with Junho and Chansung, but he was the 1st contestant to be eliminated.
Taecyeon is featuring in Baek Jiyoung’s new song, “My Ear’s Candy”, and his performance with Baek Jiyoung is gaining so much attention from netizens. He also featured in Bada’s song titled “Yes, I’m Love”. It is said that Taecyeon wasn’t so fashionable when he was trainee back then (which is obvious because before being an artist he is a nerd back in US). And well, even now, he still a FASHION TERRORIST even though his apparance has become better. But he always claim that he has THE BEST fashion sense in the group, which is NOT TRUE (the person who has best fashion sense in the group is the Jun Brothers (Junsu and Junho).
Before debut as 2PM, Taecyeon has appear on one of Baskin Robbin Ice Cream CF. On that CF, his looks so different from now, he got that “oh-my-god-he’s-a-cute-young-boy” image, but well.. Everything has change, right? Taecyeon has a nickname, okcat, he had it because he really loves to draw a cat EVERYWHERE, even in Nichkhun’s Korean book. Taecyeon is also known for his beatbox and he can make a music using his teeth or his neck by hitting it with his finger. Taecyeon is currently MC-ing in SBS Inkigayo Music Program together with Wooyoung and actrees Ha Yeonjoo. And he also is scheduled to be one of the new cast of Family Outing Season 2 together with Girls’ Generation Yoona, Jokwon, and many other artists.
Recently, a scandal happened to Taecyeon. Taecyeon is known to be active on his cyber life, and he has an account on Cyworld. A haters and hacker is broke into his account and leaked his private photo that only can be showed to people he wished to. Due to this issue, Taecyeon is shut his minihompy (Cyworld’s page) for a moment. And after he open it again, many netizen still bashing him because netizen think that Taecyeon is making a big fuss about a little thing this.
Taecyeon is being paired to Girls’ Generation Yoona in a musical drama on MBC Song Festival 2009. After that performance, many fans and netizens believe that they are actually dating (or maybe just wish they ARE really dating). After several times clearing up this thing, Taecyeon and Yoona is still being paired up, even being the casts of Family Outing Season 2 together.
Taecyeon, who has known as a beast idol that had a weird personality has AB blood type (Korean and Japanese is known for believing that blood type and personality of a person is highly related). He ever said that 2PM is really care about their blood type, but the other members said that it was just him. And the members said him a “pshyco” as the only member that has AB blood type and has the most weird personality.
Taecyeon is challenging his acting skill in a new drama called Cinderella’s Sister. He also choosen as a lead role on Tik Tok Music Drama for Cass Beer CF along with Nichkhun and Yoon Eunhye as the other lead actor. He played a piloce officer character along with Wooyoung who also become a police officer, Nichkhun as a popular singer, Junsu as Nichkhun manager, Yoon Eunhye as Nichkhun’s assistant and girlfriend, and T-ara’s Boram as Nichkhun’s big fan.
Taecyeon said, when he joins JYPE’s audition together with his sister, he said that was just for cure his boredom. Since he can’t dance or sing, he choose modelling area. He thought all he had to do is just doing several pose, but it turns out the contestant before him is doing a really professional-like model walk. He’s confused and think that he had to do the same thing, so when it his turn, he just ask:
“Do I have to do that thing too? Can I just walk?”
The judge said he can do whatever he wants, so he really does just walking by and made a peace sign with his handin the end. Surprisingly, the jugde called him saying that he had chosen to do the 2nd round audition. Then he practice so hard to do the 2nd round audition. In that 2nd round, all Taecyeon’s do is just sing Linkin Park’s “Faint” and dancing whatever he could. He said, when he had to hit a high notes which he can’t reach it, he just screaming and continuing the audition. Fortunately, with that kind of audition, Taecyeon is still choosen as JYPE trainers.


7. udon-face Toshio : 2PM Wooyoung (우영)
Full Name: Jang Wooyoung (장우영)
Nickname: Woodong, Toshio, Jang Jandi, Ssanti, Busan Boy, Dakdukhu, Boo-ung-ee (Owl), Mandoo Cheeks, AngAng, Jjing Jjing Wooyoung
Place/Date of Birth: Busan, South Korea/April 30, 1989
Position: Vocalist
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: B
Education: Howon University
Language : Korean
Hobbies: Music appreciation, websurfing
Speciality : Dance, gags, ssanti dance (cheap dance)
Sibiling: Unknown
TOSHIO? Yeah, Wooyoung’s Toshio-like costume is becoming popular after he shows it on 2PM’s Reality Show, Wild Bunny. That’s why he ended-up being called Toshio. Well, we can say that Wooyoung is in charge to be the gagman on the team (he even admit it himself). He always do something weird, funny and witty that no one can compare to his weirdness but Jokwon. He came from Busan, so sometime people called him Busan Boy. He’s close to everyone in oneday, but it seems that the closest hyung for him are Jaebum and Nichkhun. Nichkhun ever said:
“Wooyoung is the closest dongsaeng to me. I don’t know why, but I like him.He just like an innocent little brother for me. that’s why I’m close to him and he is my favorite dongsaeng.”
“Wooyoung is very cute little brother, very naive, very cute. He’s very funny. Very witty and funny.”
It is said that Wooyoung’s face swells very easy, that’s why he had a chubby cheeks that made him looks like udon noodles. From that, he gain a nickname “WOODONG” that means “UDON” in Korean. afterall, “Wooyoung” and “Woodong” is similar, right? He also had nickname “mandoo cheeks” because his chubby cheek (several other artists that get this nickname is Wondergirls’ Sohee and After School’s UEE). Wooyoung said that he is a big fan of violinist Jin Bora and singer Lee Sooyoung. When Jaebum leaving Korea, it is said that Wooyoung fainted a moment after Jaebum departure. It shows that he really close to his Jaebum hyung. But even though Wooyoung seemms like an easy going person who can become a close friend to everyone, the other members said that Wooyoung has a bad first impression. Jaebum said:
“When the first time he came in, he just come and then say nothing. I really thought that this boy is a quiet person and has a bad temper. But after know him more, my thought of him has changed.”
But after being asked about this thing, Wooyoung just said that he was thinking a lot and prepared a lot about his debut, that’s why he doesn’t talk much at thefirst time. And Taecyeon said:
“When the first morning after his first time sleeps on our dorm, he made an ugly face when he wakes up. He crunches his face, and said ‘annyeong hasseo,
argh..’ how can’t I think bad about him?”
Wooyoung is known for his ssanti dance (cheap/cheesy dance) along with Jokwon. From that, he got many attention for his funny-weird performance. On MBC Every1 Idol Army season 3, because Wooyoung lose when playing hide and seek, he had to wear a girl’s uniform. And that uniform is look alot like Geum Jandi’s (from Boys Over Flower Drama) uniform, that’s why he got nickname JANG JANDI (Jang is Wooyoung’s surname, Jandi is the name of BOF’s character that wears the uniform, so it become Jang Jandi). While he wears that uniform (he uses a mini skirt), Wooyoung didn’t wear any boxer, so the other member prank him with pulling the skirt he wears. That’s why in the end of season, Boom give him a boxer, but Jaebum took it. JYP ever said:
“I expect more to Wooyoung. maybe he didn’t realize it, but he had a great talent, and he just shows a piece of that great talent. I knew he can dance and sing better…”
Wooyoung is becoming a JYPE’s trainee trough JYPE’s audition called MGoon’s JYP auditions where he won the 1st place out of 1000 candidates (even though his father didn’t accept his will to become a singer and dancer, he even wrote 3 letters per month to ask his father’s permission). Wooyoung is once being a replacement for BigBang’s T.O.P to dancing with Wondergirls’ Yoobin in a special performance during the 2007 MBC Music Awards because T.O.P fainted furing rehearsal. Currently Wooyoung is being SBS Inkigayo MC together with Taecyeon and actrees Han Yeonjoo. Wooyoung is also becoming MC in a new KBS program called Win Win together with Girls’ Generation Taeyeon and Kim Seungwoo. For this show, Wooyoung is complimented as a great funny and witty MC, plus gain a nickname “Curious Wooyoung” as he always begin a question with saying :
“I have something that I’m CURIOUS about…”
Until Kim Seungwoo complained to him that he always say that and he answered :
“Originally, my name is Curious…”
He and Nichkhun was also a regular guest in SBS Star King until all 2PM’s member drawn themself out from any variety programs due to Jaebum’s controvercy. The most recent news that shocked fans that the kiss scene made by Wooyoung and Junho in You’re Beautiful Parody Music Drama for SBS Song Festival 2009. They actually really kissed, that’s why many fans really shocked. when he asked about this, Wooyoung answered:
“I wonder how the fans will react when they see this. Are they shocked like the 2 (Wooyoung and Junho) of us? But my mother proud of me to be able doing such a scene. She said that I wasn’t just able to care for women, but men too. Hahahahhaha…”
Back on his hometown, Busan, Wooyoung is recognized as a child that had passion for dancing since he was a little kid. There’s a video discovered by a fans that shows 11-years old Wooyoung is having a dancing battle with a neighborhood’s pro dancer whose a lot older than Wooyoung. On his school, Wooyoung is known as a nice student and a nice person to his friend who has a lot interest in many things. From dancing, acting, sports, and many other things.


9. small-eyed smile : 2PM Junho (준호)
Full Name: Lee Junho (이준호)
Nickname: Little Bi, Sweaty Junho, Try-to-be-Funny Junho, Young Jun, Smiling Eyes, Hwangjae Junho (Emperor Junho)
Place/Date of Birth: Ilsan, South Korea/January 25, 1990
Position: Vocalist
Height: 178cm
Weight: 67kg
Blood Type: A
Education: Howon University
Language : Korean, English
Hobbies: Music appreciation, watching dance video, studying composing, reading, looking at fashion styles, websurfing
Speciality : Dancing, beatbox, singing, great fashion style
Sibiling: Unknown
When we saw him, we’ll say : “is he Rain’s twin or Rain’s brother?” Yeah, he is a RAIN LOOK A LIKE. Everyone admit it, even Rain himself admit it! Rain said :
“I really think that he looks just like me.”
Rain, Junho and FT Island’s Minhwan make a perfect triplets! But Junho ever said :
“I wanna recognize as myself, Lee Junho, not as a person that has face same as Rain.”
Even though he stated that he hates being recognize as Rain’s mini-me, but he ever won the 1st place in a contest Rain’s Look a Like.
His hyungs always said that he is a un-funny person, that’s why he always trying to be funny. He has small eyes, which is dissappearing when he smiles (just like 2AM’s magnae, Jinwoon). That thing makes his eyes so special, and people recognize him as a EYE SMILE JUNHO. Together with Jaebum, Junho is one of the strongest dancer in 2PM. He enters JYPE when he won the 1st prize for a show called “Superstar Survival” in 2006. He ever said that he has a weird habit, he just wanna take care of his own things and belongings. He said :
“I don’t know, but after come to the dorm I had this habit. Even when there’s a mess on my room, which I shared with both Wooyoung and Jaebeom hyung, I just clean up my own mess. I don’t care about the others. I’m also like to have my own bed, maybe that’s because on my house I never sleep on bed. that’s why when first time I got this room, I choose the single bed immediately. Fortunately, Wooyoung and Jaebeom hyung understand what I want.”
One thing that his hyungs hates from him is that HE IS ALWAYS SWEATING TOO MUCH. Jaebum said on Wild Bunny show :
“He’s done nothing but now he’s starting to sweat! Let’s hear what our Sweat MC has to tell.”
The other time, Jaebum said :
“Hey, this marker ink can’t even stay still on your skin because you’re sweating too much!”
Well, I really think that’s true, if we pay a little more attention on 2PM’s stage action, we can see that Junho has the most sweat all over his body compares to others. Junho and Junsu are the Jun Brothers, Junho is the Young Jun. Other things, Junho has a big dream, he wants to be a great singer, a good dancer, and he also wannna have his own clothing line. Really seems like someone? Yeah, his dream is just like Rain’s, well, maybe Junho really IS Rain’s little brother.
Junho and Wooyoung is having a kiss scene for You’re Beautiful Parody Music Drama for SBS Song Festival 2009 which is made a really big shock to their fans. On this parody Junho at last have a opportunity to act because according to his homeroom teacher and his friends on high school, Junho always had a big passion about acting. He was the only student that can get a role to play in his school drama when he on his 1st grade. His friend said that a fresh man is rarely given an important role to play in the school’s drama. That shows that Junho is had a great acting skill.
Junho is actually a member of KBS Let’s Go! Dream Team Season 2, but quickly resigned after Jaebum’s incident. And after it’s decided that 2PM will go back in attending variety and talk show, Junho is signed again into the team and become a regular member. On one show, Junho said that he is jealous with Taecyeon’s popularity, he said that he wanted his own attention from fans.


10. old-looking magnae : 2PM Chansung (찬성)
Full Name: Hwang Chansung (황찬성)
Nickname: Old-looking Magnae, Bear Chansung, Banana Chansung, Italian Boy, Perry, Pwang-ga, Hwang Ga-in
Place/Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea/February 11, 1990
Position: Vocalist, rapper
Height: 184cm
Weight: 75kg
Blood Type: B
Education: Howon University
Language : Korean
Hobbies: Music appreciation, exercising, gaming
Speciality : Taekwondo, gumdo, acrobatic dance, rap
Sibiling: Unknown
Tall, big, handsome, mature appearance, is he really 2PM’s magnae? Of course! Even though he isn’t looks like magnae (Chansung is popular because his tall posture and mature looks despite his young age), but his action toward his hyungs shows that he is purely magnae. Chansung has a habit, HE ALWAYS GOT HUNGRY. He likes to eat everything and likes to bite everyone. Just ask all the oneday’s member, who’s never get biten by Chansung? The answer is NO ONE. One thing, Chansung really likes to eat banana. Everywhere, everytime. It is said that he will got mad if someone eats his banana. Everytime he had meals, his portion is twice as much as his hyungs portion. That’s why, he goes on diet for the preparation of “Again & Again” single promotion, he needs to loose weight for the new 2PM’s album, 2PM Time For Change. He just allowed to eat half portion of the meals and he can’t get any snacks during night, poor him, but he need to do it!
Before debut with 2PM, Chansung has appear on TV twice. First, he casted for a character named “Hwang Chansung” in a sitcom called Unstoppable High Kick Season 1. On this sitcom, he acted with several stars like Jung Ilwoo and Koyote’s Shinji. Chansung character’s on his sitcom is a rascal kids but really loyal to his “best friend” (in this case, his best friend is Jung Ilwoo). He’s also a playboy on this sitcom, the character’s impression is so strong (which indicates that he’s acting is good) so some fellow artist think that he’s a real playboy. Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in said :
“His impression from the sitcom he acted is so strong. that’s why I think that he is an ‘oppa’ for me. I never thought that he is actually my dongsaeng and even the magnae of 2PM.”
He joining Superstar Survival in the same time with Junho, but he got eliminated, but after that, he auditioned for the 2nd time and now he’s one of the biggest Korean boyband, 2PM, together with his rival, Junho. Chansung had a nickname ITALIAN BOY, it’s because when he dancing tango with Wondergirls member, he dance it with the perfect posture, just like real Italian.
Chansung is also popular for his Taekwondo skill. He was trained to become a Taekwondo athlete for several years starting on primary school until he was in junior high school. Soon after he was debuted, there’s a video showed a boy and his teacher having a battle. Even though the face is blur, but it is said that it was Chansung and his Taekwondo teacher. After being confirmed by that teacher himself, it is sure that the boy on the video is Chansung. Looking at those video, Chansung had a great skill in Taekwondo.
Chansung is one of 5 members of oneday that doing the parody of Brown Eyed Girls’ Abracadabra. His part is to dance Son Ga-in’s dance part (that has extremely seductive dance moves). Because of this, he gains a nickname “Hwang Ga-in”. Chansung is featured as rapper on of 2AM’s track “To Her” (그녀에게) on 2AM’s new album 죽어도 못 보내. But chansung had a weaknesses. His hyung said, when he still a trainee, Chansung is a tone-deaf. He can’t even hold a tone.

Credit to deenakahara - thanks for giving me shared this info..