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2AM and 2PM

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2AM + 2PM = oneday

about Hot Blood and Hot Blood Members
Hot Blood Documentary is a set of documentary that captured the train time of JYP Entertainment’s trainee. This train camp is made by Park Jinyoung to choose 10 from 13 trainee that he had gather. This documentary consist of 10 episodes, 7 episodes (eps 1-7) is when they were on the train camp, 2 episode (eps 8-9) is when they held a guerilla concert and the elimination even, and the 10th (last) episode is when the chosen trainee held the 1st fan meeting. Since just 10 from 13 trainee is picked to debut, the 3 eliminated trainee wouldn’t go debut with their other comrades. They will still receive another train from JYP and debut a little later. However, 1 from the chosen trainee is resign due to his family trouble and he also admit that he’s not ready to debut yet. Because of this, 1 from 3 eliminated trainee is picked to replace the resigned trainee. And then JYP added 1 more member to the group, the trainee who join JYPE and got his training time after reserving military service. So there were all 11 member for the group and it called “ONEDAY”. However, JYP didn’t made them debut in 1 group but split them into 2 group named 2AM and 2PM. Hot Blood trainees doesn’t come from just South Korea, but also from several other country that got audition in many ways to become JYPE trainee. For those trainee who came from other country, they didn’t just receive singing, dancing and acting train, but also a Korean language course as well.
the Hot Blood Trainee are:
1. Park Jaebeom/Jay Park (leader, 2PM, permanently quit) – from US
2. Kim Junsu (2PM) – from South Korea
3. Khun/Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul (2PM) – from US
4. Ok Taecyeon (2PM) – from US
5. Jang Wooyoung (2PM) – from South Korea
6. Lee Junho (2PM) – from South Korea
7. Hwang Chansung (2PM) – from South Korea
8. Im Seulong (2AM) – from South Korea
9. Kwon/Jo Kwon (leader, 2AM) – from South Korea
10. Jung Jinwoon (eliminated but picked as a substitute for resigned trainee, 2AM) – from South Korea
11. Im Daehoon (supposed to be a member of 2AM, resigned, rumoured to be debut soon with Li Seuchi) – from South Korea
12. Li Seuchi/Sui Chi Li (eliminated, rumoured to be debut soon with Im Daehoon) – from China
13. Yoo Doojoon (eliminated, debuted with group BEAST under Cube Entertainment) – from South Korea
additional ONEDAY member:
1. Lee Changmin (additional member who joining JYPE and ONEDAY after serving mandatory in military, 2AM) – from South Korea

Credit to deenakahara - thanks for giving me shared this info..